HF: Hair Flip.  The act of flipping your head around when you do something super awesome.

Craughing:  crying and laughing

KIK: keepin it klassy

Dic: dictionary

IWBS: issues with being stupid

LYLAS:  learn your lady arm stretch

Fart:  an explosion between the legs

Fart seating:  known to the common man as bike riding

Vagitons:  known to those non-pad wearing ladies as a tampon

Ovagination:  lady parts are waitin’ for the swimmers to arrive

Rascal Flatts and/or concert:  That time of the month when women are super sane and feel skinny.  Oh wait, it’s the opposite of that.

Nippoleans:  Nips

Man-O-Pause:  Old dudes going through “the change”

Man Period:  When a man acts like a doucher for an extended period of time and is usually in sync with his special lady friend’s concert

Skytch:  Skinny Bytch

Blown out vag: when you have a baby through your lady hole

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