Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recipe Roundup: Chicken Parm Wraps

In keeping with my goal to take the Pinterest world by storm and try EVERY skinny recipe ever created, I tried another recipe from my Skinny Eats board.  This is by far the easiest recipe in America and was very filling.  I served it with a light Caesar salad kit from Wal-Mart.  This will definitely be added to my recipe rotation.  The spinach is optional but I liked it…Mr. Fluff preferred it without.  Enjoy!


§  1 cooked chicken breast, cut into strips
§  1/4 cup marinara or spaghetti sauce
§  1/8 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
§  1/8 cup parmesan cheese
§  1/8 tsp Italian spice blend
§  1 large low carb or whole grain wrap
§  Optional: 1/2 cup baby spinach leaves

1. Cut and warm chicken through in the microwave. Place chicken, sauce, cheese, and spice blend on wrap bread. Wrap bread around filling, and microwave seam side down for 30-60 seconds, or until warmed through and cheese is melted. Enjoy warm!

Tip:  I used my favorite chicken from Costco.  You just pop it in the oven for 20-25 minutes straight from the freezer.  It has become a staple in my house. 

The calorie count will depend on the ingredients that you use.  Make sure to read labels and measure, measure, measure. 

Good Luck!

Fluffy in Frisco

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fluffy’s February ‘Eff Off Fat’ Challenge

When I started this blog in August 2012, I had a few goals in mind.  In my first post, Bringin Fluffy Back I set out to write more than 13 posts with more than just family as followers.   Well, I am VERY proud to say that this is my 25th post!  (if you’re not great at math, this means I have surpassed my goal)  I currently have 35 site followers and only a couple of them are family members which actually makes me wonder if my family loves me.  That’s a whole different therapy session.

I digress.

I have an unknown amount of email followers so if you are a blogger and you know how to see how many email subscribers you have, please let me know!  Also, as of today, I have 4,028 page views.  My last blog only had like 500 for 13 posts.  So, this either means that I have over a 100 email followers OR that my mom clicks on the page every 30 minutes on a daily basis to make me think that people are actually reading this shyt.  Either way, I have reached and surpassed my goals for starting this blog.  For that, I am proud.

My other goal was to wear size 6 pants….and not as a scarf. 

As you know, I have yet to reach this goal so I’ve decided to start a February Challenge to be named:
Fluffy’s February ‘Eff Off Fat’ Challenge

1.     You must come up with 3 things that you would like to change about yourself in the month of February.  It doesn’t have to be fitness related although it would go with the name of the challenge better.  J  It can be as simple as ‘save 20 dollars a week’ or ‘organize my house’.  It is completely up to you. 
2.    Send me an email at with these three items.  You will then send me an email at the end of February letting me know how things went. 
3.    I will send the participants a weekly email to serve as encouragement. 

I am trying to get a giveaway together for the winner…stay tuned!! 

I’ve heard that several people have issues when they try to leave comments so I opened an email account so you can email me whenever you want!  I would love love love to hear from you even if you don’t want to be a part of this challenge. 

Alrighty – let’s get this party started.  I weighed and took measurements this morning and my results are:

Weight: 179.4 (1.4 pound loss since 1/2/13)
Chest: 37 (down 1 inch)
Arms: 12.75 (down .25 inches)
Waist: 32.25 (down .75 inches)
Hips: 42.5 (down1 inch)
Thigh: 25.5 (down 1 inch)
Calf: 16 (same)

Even though I’ve only lost 1.4 pounds, I’m losing inches.  I’ll take it.  So, my 3 goals for February are:
1.     Lose 5 pounds
2.    Workout daily in some form, whether it be walking or Ripped in 30.   Just move.
3.    Drink more water
4.    Ok, I only said 3 so this one is just for fun.  Late night snacking.  I want to stop eating after 8pm.  This is BY FAR my worst habit..well….other than the whole ‘smoking’ thing. 

Whoooooo’s coming with me?!?!?!?!?  Please email me at with YOUR goals.  LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER! 

In random news, Fluffette turned 8 months old yesterday.  I could wrap this little marshmallow arm in a graham cracker with some chocolate and eat it!  Love my chunky baby!!  Happy 8 Months, Fluffette!! 

Stay Awesome,
Fluffy in Frisco

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My New Normal

In honor of MLK Day, Fluffette took her first scoot….forward!!!  She’s been ‘backin that thang up’ for a few months now and I honestly thought she would never crawl forward.  She finally did and I sure did tear up a little.  I can’t believe that this sweet, innocent…and immobile baby Nugget…

Is now this all grown up….still super sweet and innocent little lady. 

Before I became a mother, I thought that being a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) was the most cush job a girl could ask for.  All you do is sit around eating bon bons and watching soap operas, right? 

Boy was I wrong!!

I wanted to share a few things that have become my ‘New Normal’

Since I can no longer leave her on her play mat with all her toys, this is now how I vacuum.  I’m not complaining because lugging around a 20 pound baby while vacuuming is a GREAT workout.

I rarely get to actually enjoy a meal anymore and Fluffette gets pretty aggressive and grunts at me if I don’t feed her fast enough.  She git it frum her mah-muh.  It either takes me an hour or 5 seconds to finish my lunch.  That’s right, I either snack off my lunch plate for the better part of the day OR I just shovel it in.  I truly think this new way of eating has helped me in my weight loss.  Thanks for looking out for me, Fluffette.

I typically try to work out and shower while Fluffette takes her morning nap.  If I decide to clean or do laundry instead it throws off my whole schedule.  When that happens, this is how I shower….

I used to love my moments alone in the shower, just lingering under the warm water.  Just me and my thoughts (staring off in the distance remembering the past).  Well, now I enjoy showering in 2.2 seconds while being serenaded by the grunts and bubbles  of Fluffette while she bangs her toys against her highchair, the wall…and her head.  When she’s not throwing her toys around, she’s watching me shower.  You have never known judgement until you see those sweet little baby eyes concentrating  and wondering what the eff that is before them.  Don’t worry, I think she’s still too young to be scarred by all the wobbly bits. 

I assume that you all think I just sit around eating bon bons while watching Soaps, taking pictures of us pretending to vacuum and complaining about not being able to shower in silence.  You could NOT be more wrong. 

I also do all these things…
1.        I cover vases with rope…
2.   I cover diaper boxes with fabric for cheap and easy storage….

3.  I have impromptu photo shoots with Fluffette…. (yes, this is the cutest picture you will ever see in your life.  It only took 100 shots of Fluffette pimp slapping her stuffed animals before I was able to get this shot)

4.   I finally make it to the 170s.  I KNOW, RIGHT!!  I weighed in on Wednesday at 179.4.  I have finally made it through my plateau with the help of 30 Day Shred Level 3.   *pats self on back then does a high kick*

As you can see, I'm super busy doing super important stuff.  And yes, this entire post contradicts itself.  I complain about not getting to eat lunch or take a shower alone, yet I have all this time to craft.  The beauty of it all is that this is MY story and I can tell it how I want.  (hairflip)

Fluffy in Frisco

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Four C's

We’ve had a maid for a few years and I decided this week that I would let them go and clean myself.  If you don’t have a maid you just rolled your eyes and said “boo-effing-hoo”.  However, if you DO have a maid you just shook your fists towards the ceiling and shouted “whyyyyyyyyyyy”.  Maids are one of THE BEST things ever invented and I pretty much immediately regretted my decision.  However, the truth of the matter is that we spend $180(including tip) a month on their service and I can find plenty of other things to spend that money on since I’m not working (i.e. mani’s, pedi’s, Fluffette’s 1st Birthday and BoBo’s baby shower). 

A girl in my photography class last week told me about an awesome app and I wanted to share it with you.  It’s called ‘Motivated Moms’ and they have a free version.  It gives you a daily list of things to do around the house to make it more bearable.  For instance, today I cleaned out the fridge and washed the shelves, vacuumed around the fridge( didn’t know you were supposed to do that)  and mopped the kitchen.  I pretty much hate ALL of these things but it feels so good once it’s done (twss).  It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a great workout!  Go check out this awesome app….or don’t…whatever….I don’t care if your house is messy. 

As you know, I’ve decided to tackle my Skinny Eats board on Pinterest.  I am proud to say that I’ve deleted two recipes!  Mashed cauliflower and breakfast pizza

Last week, I decided to give Mashed Cauliflower a whirl.  It was fairly easy to make……not so easy to eat.  I plopped some on Mr. Fluff’s plate and handed it to him with no intention of telling him that it’s not potatoes.  He took a giant bite, looked at me and said “ummm…..what’s this white stuff”.  I said, “is it good?” (knowing the answer).  He more loudly said, “WHAT IS IT?!?!!?”.  I told him what it was….and that blob of “fauxtatoes” stayed on his plate.  Needless to say, if you’re looking for a healthy alternative for mashed potatoes, just eat asparagus.

“That’s not even remotely the same thing as mashed potatoes”

Egggggggggsactly my point!!  Neither is mashed cauliflower.  (insert dramatic gagging face here)

I also attempted to make this breakfast pizza…..twice.  After my first epic fail left me angry and needing to clean the egg off the bottom of my oven, I decided that I would NOT be defeated by a damn breakfast pizza.  I won’t bore you with all the details because…well… still makes me angry.  I will just say that the current score is Breakfast Pizza – 2, Fluffy – 0. 

I’ve pretty much been Betty Crocker (before she learned how to cook) the past week.  I made this Tastes Like Lasagna Soup and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was absolutely delicious and I will definitely be making this again.  I think most of the flavor comes from the sausage but if you aren’t a sausage lover (lesbian), then I think ground beef or turkey would work great too.  Seriously…..try it.  If I didn’t eff it up, neither will you! 

As you know from my post from earlier this week (post being called Fluff’s racy-ist post yet), I ate a lot of crappy food this weekend.  In addition to girls night eats, I had Cane’s fried chicken, Mexican food and Whataburger.  The old Fluffy would’ve continued on this path for at least a week then cried about her pants not fitting well anymore.  Well, I’d like to introduce you to the new “Ima get back on it ASAP” Fluffy….

I’m not saying that Sports Illustrated is going to call me soon to be on the cover of this year’s Swimsuit Edition.  I’m just sayin……”I’d hit that”.  There’s only a 20 pound difference in my body, but I will tell you that my mind is lighter than it’s ever been.  I’m pretty sure I just called myself an airhead…and sometimes I am.  What I’m trying to say is that I used to cheat then I would cheat more to make myself feel better….or worse….about the cheating I’d already done.  Then I would dwell on it for days and drive myself crazy.  Now, I eat the queso and then Monday begins and I’m back to watching what I eat and working out.  I am fully aware that my cheating is slowing down my weight loss since I’ve been at a plateau for about three weeks now, but I also know that when I try to give up all the bad-for-you food, I end up binging and gaining 45 pounds in one day. (slight exaggeration)

I’m soooo close to the 170s that I can taste it.  (mmmmm…tastes like chicken).  My goal is to break in to the 170s by February 1st.  If I can achieve that I will send you all a copy of 30 Day Shred I will give you all a virtual high five.  Fingers crossed!!

I wish that I had something cool to confess like… I’m transgender or a stripper on the weekends or I like to eat a roll of toilet paper a day (I saw that on tv…wtf).  Unfortunately, my confession isn’t that cool. 

Here it goes…..I’m a smoker (deep breath…well…deep breath for, you know, a smoker).  I smoked prior to my pregnancy and thought it would be the hardest thing for me to give up when I got prego.  Luckily, it was actually pretty darn easy for me.  I mean…I took the occasional drag (like 4 or 5 in that 9 months).  Gasp….she took a drag while pregnant?!?!??!

I sure did…and Fluffette turned out JUST FINE…

Anyways, I didn’t plan on smoking after I had her, for obvious reasons but then breastfeeding happened and it rocked my world.  Everybody tells you that you’re a bad mother/person if you don’t breastfeed, but NOBODY tells you how effing hard and stressful it can be.  I didn’t produce enough milk and I considered cutting off my cracked and bleeding nip-oleans (I despise the word nipple) on several occasions.  Finally, Mr. Fluff begged me to go smoke a cigarette and take a break before I was featured on an episode of Snapped.  The rest is history.  I smoke every day, with my favorite smoke of the day being right after I workout. 

I’m assuming that several of you would like to lecture me right now on how awful it is to smoke, especially as a mother.   If you are able to say ‘true’ to all of the following statements, I will gladly listen to your lecture:
1.        I have zero debt and have never managed my money poorly.
2.       I’ve never had even an ounce of alcohol and have definitely never made an arse of myself whilst drinking. 
3.       My spouse, children and I are all in top physical shape.  We never make poor food choices and we workout daily. 
4.       I have a perfect relationship with my significant other.  We always communicate effectively. 

I could go on and on, but I would guess that you answered ‘false’ to at least one, if not all, of those statements.  The point is we ALL have something about our lives that we’d like to change.  I’m just choosing to share this with you to hold myself accountable.  I’ve been focusing on eating right and working out and now I want to work on quitting smoking.   

By the way, if you were able to answer ‘true’ to all the above items, please send your lecture to:

That is all,
Fluffy in Frisco


Monday, January 14, 2013

Three Sides to Every Story

This weekend, I hosted a much needed Moms Night In.  NO KIDS!!!!!  Yes, we all love our children but sometimes mama needs a night away.  As we all know, stories are catered towards your audience so I want to make sure I tell this story in a way that will appease each group.
For my male readers:
The invitation was for a sexy mom’s night in.  Everyone was asked to dress in their favorite lingerie and the party was BYOBO (bring your own baby oil).  Each girl arrived dressed to the nines……full makeup, hair in long loose curls, stiletto heels and lots of lace.  Here’s our group picture: (I have super hot friends)

Once everyone arrived, we lathered each other up in plenty of baby oil because no girls’ night is complete without shiny, slippery skin.  We each walked the makeshift runway to show off our looks then snacked on celery sticks and lettuce and took body shots off each other.  Next up, we changed in to our string bikinis and headed outside for our turn in the jello pit.  Two girls at a time climbed in and fought in a tub of red jello then licked it off each other’s skin.  Since we got our suits all dirty, we came inside and took them off.  The night was finished off with a game of naked twister then a big pillow fight while we argued over which one of our husbands/boyfriends had the largest junk.  (you, of course, won Mr. Fluff. Wink wink.)

For my moms:
Everyone brought over their cupcake tin and favorite recipe and we spent hours baking cupcakes for our wonderful husbands.  We didn’t eat any of the cupcakes because we wanted to make sure our husbands had plenty to satisfy their sweet tooth and wanted to watch our waistlines.   Here’s our group picture:

We then changed in to our workout clothes and completed a rigorous 2 hour workout to make sure our bodies were firm for our wonderful husbands/boyfriends.  As the evening ended, we sat around with sparkling water, snacking on tea sandwiches and gourmet soups and talked about how amazing our significant others are and how truly blessed we are to have them. 

The Truth:
Here’s what REALLY happened…..
Everyone was instructed to wear pajamas and bring an appetizer and their drink of choice.  We sat around with our hair in pony tails and ate queso, apple pies, chips, teeny weenies, assorted dips and rotel cups.  Trust me…you don’t want a group picture. 

We laughed A LOT…mostly at each other.  We talked about all things inappropriate, cussed like sailors and used the word “muff” more times than any lady should.  We talked about how/why our husbands annoy us.  We discussed past sexual experiences that left us all peeing a little from laughing so hard (please remember that most of us are moms so we can’t hold our pee in these days).  We laughed for a very long time about our lesbian friend walking in on her wife looking at BJ’s on youtube and how she tried to explain that she was doing “research” for another friend to do better for her husband.  Classic. 

We talked about how long we wait in between “ladyscaping” and shaving our legs and that the longer we are married, that amount of time seems to get longer.  I told everyone the story of going to the OBGyn while pregnant and when I put my legs up in the ol’ stirrups, I realized that the 45 minutes I spent shaving were all spent on the same damn leg!  Yes, I shaved the same leg twice.  Who does that?!?!?!? I apologized to my Dr and the nurse.  They both laughed and said don’t worry to which I said “seriously, watch your shoulder or you may get cut”. 

We talked about how ALL of our husbands ask for a BJ at least once daily.  And that if they would just stop asking we would probably do it more often.  Then we laughed and laughed and laughed because, after all, that’s why all women get married……no more bj’s.  Ok, so we also married them because they are smart, funny, driven, blah blah blah blah…but mostly the bj thing.

After our eyes and cheeks were swollen from laughing so much, I was able to talk everyone in to a game of Charades.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  My favorite game EVER and I haven’t played in sooooo long.  I am completely horrible at acting things out but that’s never stopped me before.  Watching my friends ride an invisible pole and dry hump air in an attempt to act out “strip club” and “big booty ho” was……priceless. 

As we all get older and have kids, it gets that much harder to get everyone together so this night was VERY MUCH needed.  I love having a group of girls that I can always be myself with.  They all know that I’m a complete hot mess and a tad quirky…but they love me anyways!! 

Stay tuned for another installment of Fluffy this week since I missed last week!

So thankful for my bytches,
Fluffy in Frisco

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year.....New ME

It’s so funny how much things have changed since welcoming Fluffette in to the world.  Case in point: New Year’s Eve.  Usually on New Year’s Eve I like to tie one on, get wasted and pass out (by 9pm).  New Years Day consists of laying around in pajamas and stating multiple times that I will NEVER drink again.  (which is, of course, never the case). 
Well this year we went to a friend’s house to ring in the New Year.  There were 3 couples total and we all have kids.  I drank some Champagne with Ginger Ale and frozen strawberries and a couple of beers.  I was “that girl” that tried to get everyone to play games all.night.long.  “Is Fluffette sleeping through the night?”  “yes, wanna play dominos?”  “Are you gonna go back to work?”  “I dunno.  Wanna play mad gab?”  and so on and so on.  By 11 pm, when we should all be drunk and playing charades, we were instead lounging on the couch, all looking at the clock wondering how the hell we were supposed to stay awake for a WHOLE ‘nother hour.  Longest hour ever.  Once the clock struck midnight, we all kissed (our spouses, perverts, not each other).  Then we immediately started loading up our kids to head home.  Oh how times have changed!!!
We still laid around in our pj’s on New Year’s Day and didn’t do much of anything.  I thought a lot about where I’d come from in my weight loss journey and where I want to be in 2013.  If you’ll remember, I shared my results in a previous post (click HERE to refresh your memory).  Not too shabby for a lazy girl, if I do say so myself.  I took new measurements this week and will share those with you momentarily.  Before you ask, the answer is NO.  I will NOT be sharing pictures in my sports bra.  I really wish you would just get over that. (rolling eyes).
First, I will share my goals (not resolutions, those are lame) for 2013:
1.     Run.  Remember that time I wrote that gut wrenching post, I Am Not A Runner, about my first 5k on Thanksgiving Day?  You know, the one that left you blowing snot bubbles from sobbing and shouting “GO FLUFFY GO” at your computer screen?  Remember how proud you were of me and that you then realized that I was pretty much the most amazing woman in the world?   (um….no…it was not THAT emotional, idiot)

(pause for dramatic effect)

Yeah…..well…..I haven’t run since then. (insert blushing smiley here)   So, this year I will start over on the Couch to 5k and complete 2 races. 
2.    Lose 30-40 pounds.  As you will see shortly, I am currently 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I would LOVE to weigh in the 140s but I will be happier than Katie Holmes when her divorce from Tom Cruise was final (too soon?) if I can make it to the 150s. 
3.    Decide what I want to be when I grow up.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am a stay at home mom.  It is the hardest…and the funnest  (real word, I promise) job I’ve ever had but mama needs to make some money (to spend on manicures and tutu’s and other necessities like that).  I really love blogging but I’m not making any money at it.  Sooooo…it would be GREAT if you could each send me $50 a month to help me buy pointless items that I don’t need.  That’s like $150 a month if you all do it!  (high kick)  If you’d like my address to send me a check, please email me at 
4.    Stay Awesome
5.  Drink more water.  I drink way too much coffee and not enough H2O.  I'm going to try to drink 90 ounces of water daily.
I realize that’s a short list and I should include “be a better wife and mother”, “pay off debt”, “complete 500 random acts of kindess” and “adopt all of those dogs so Sarah McGlauklin (too lazy to see how her last name is actually spelled) will stop singing to us in that awful commercial” but I’m keepin’ it real and keepin’ it easy.  (twss)
Now it’s time for results!!!! 
Again, please check out my previous measurements so I don’t have to copy and paste them.  Here’s the link to that post:   The Results Are In
January 2, 2012
Weight: 180.8 (down 22.6 pounds since 9/12)
Chest: 38 (down 3 inches)
Arms: 13 (down 1 inch)
Waist: 33 (down 6.25 inches)
Hips: 43.5 (down 2.5 inches)
Thigh: 26.5 (down 2 inches)
Calf: 16 (down 1.75 inches)

And here are my picture updates in the goal jeans.  I gave up on the goal shirt because it’s a little too big up top and looks like complete shyt on me. 

I zipped those bytches!! 

Just kidding…..I tricked yo azz.  Those are the exact same jeans in a larger size.  Don’t even act like you don’t have the exact same pair of jeans in the “skinny self” version and the “bloated like a mug” version. 

Here’s the real pictures of the goal jeans… 

Just as a refresher, this is what these jeans looked like 4 months ago……

I may not be able to zip them and I may not be at my pre-pregnancy weight yet, but dammit……THIS IS PROGRESS!!  If I don’t watch out I’ll be running a 5k in my bikini this year.  (Double hair flip.) 

Recipe Roundup

I’ve decided that I’ll try at least one new recipe per week that I’ve pinned on Pinterest.  My Pinterest boards are out.of.control so I’m hoping I really eff most of them up so I can delete some (and then forget I deleted it and pin it again later) and clean up my Skinny Eats board.

This week I’ll share three recipes with you: (just click on the name for the link to the recipe)
1.     French Breakfast Muffins:  Make these immediately.  If you like cinnamon sugary goodness, then you will LOVE this recipe.  Best eaten warm (twss).  The recipe claims that if you use light butter and skim milk that these are only 121 calories each.  I choose not to believe that.  Please be prepared to eat all 12 in one sitting then immediately go to bed and try to sleep off your sugar coma.  Um….have you made them yet?????
2.     Skinny Sloppy Joes:  These are a little labor intensive with all the “mincing” involved but well worth it for a sloppy joe alternative.  Mr. Fluff ate three of them!  I served them with Alexia Onion Rings.  I LOVE all things Alexia brand.  They can be found in the freezer section and come in different varieties.
3.     Healthy Zucchini, Black Bean and Rice Skillet:  So glad I made this.  I added baked chicken to this recipe and it was VERY filling. 

I will leave you with this picture of me in some size 10 black skinny jeans from Old Navy.  SIZE 10 BYTCHES!!! (Style “Sweetheart” to accommodate my full thighs)

Stay Awesome,
Fluffy in Frisco