Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bringin' Fluffy Back

5’6” , 135 pounds,  dirty blond hair with loose curls down to the middle of the back.  Mysterious gray eyes that get any man’s attention and legs that go on for days. 

But enough about how I WISH I looked…..

I’m Fluffy in Frisco and though I’m similar to the description above, it’s not fully accurate.  And by “similar”, I mean that I AM 5’6”, I do weigh AT LEAST 135 pounds. I have hair….and eyes…… and legs.  Every other aspect is WAAAY off.   I’ve struggled with my weight since about 10 minutes after I was conceived.    Yep, I remember back that long.  I’ve been ‘keepin it fluffy’ for over 32 years now.  Hair Flip.

I have been reading a blog by Mama Laughlin for several months now.  She is uh-mazing and I love her. (In a non ‘girl on girl’ type of way).  She is very real, very proud and very skinny.  She knows the struggles of life, liberty and the pursuit of small thighs and has inspired me to revive my blog and stop being a lazy azz quittin’ everything you start bytch! 

Below is a list of my short lived attempts in life:
  1.  My initial attempt at a blog from 2 years ago.  13 posts later, I shut ‘er down.  If you want to check out that hot mess....Healthy or Hungry.
  2. Weight watchers
  3. Advocare
  4. Weight watchers (not a typo)
  5. Bringin sexy back.  (epic fail)
  6. Writing my own Dictionary with a good friend.  (to be named The Dic. I know…dirrrrty.  And you like it.)
  7. Writing and starring in a reality show with a good friend.  It was to be named Keeping it Klassy with Charo and Cha Cha.  I think we have about 14 episodes in mind.  We just need to get to filmin’. 
  8. Being Jessica Simpson’s friend on Facebook.  After 5 months of her not accepting my friend request, I decided I was too good for her and it was her loss, not mine.  (but I’m still gonna buy her shoes. LOVE them)
  9. Weight watchers.
  10. Employee of the year.  I was an hour and a half late, took a 3 hour lunch…and left early on my first day back from maternity leave.  Whadaya gonna do. 
  11. Watching what I ate and working out while pregnant.  This lasted about 10 minutes.  I gained 60 pounds.  Wowza!  I thought for sure I’d give birth to a toddler.  Imagine my surprise when an 8.1 pound baby popped out and I was still 50+ pounds overweight.  Life can be a real kick in the balls sometimes. 

Well, you get the idea.  I like coming up with ideas…just not doing the work to keep them going.   Well, I WILL write a blog (with more than 13 posts…and more than just my family as followers) and I WILL wear a size 6 pants. (I feel the need to specify ‘pants’ because I currently wear a size 6 ring so it could be easily confused). 

That just gave me a little anxiety.   I need a xanax. 

Stay tuned,
Fluffy in Frisco


  1. I was just telling Courtney on Wednesday that I wish you would start blogging! You are so funny! xo

  2. Oh and I'm cheering for you all the way from Scotland!