Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Movin and a Shakin'

This weekend I went to one of my favorite places, Canton, TX!!!  If you’ve never been to Canton First Monday’s Trade Day, you are really missing out. It’s truly heaven on earth.  There is junk, both old and new, for as far as the eye can see.  This trip counted as my exercise for Saturday as you just walk and walk…and walk some more.  I would venture to say that I walked 2-3 miles and it was so worth it!

In true Fluffy fashion, all of my finds from this trip are to open my own business.  That’s right, yet another ‘idea’.  Stay tuned to see if I actually follow through with this one! If not, everything that I purchased will look UH-MAZING in our house.  Mr. Fluff is beyond excited. 

Fluffette has changed more in the past two weeks than she has in the last 8 months.  Not only did she start crawling, she is also pulling up on pretty much everything in the house and continues to pick up speed.  All this movement definitely makes it harder to get the house cleaned, workout, shower and get some crafty stuff done. I continue to find ways to work it all in but I.AM.TIRED!!!  I know it’s time to childproof and that stresses me out…mainly because “childproof” also means “fluffyproof”.  I installed some outlet covers yesterday then almost broke my finger trying to show Mr. Fluff how to get it out.  Deep sigh.  I really think it would just be easier to move. 

The good news is that as Fluffette gets older she also develops more of a personality!  She definitely has my sense of humor (hair flip) and I look forward to teaching her so many things that only a mother can teach their daughter. (i.e. all the things that annoy DaDa like poking him in the belly button) Awww yes (rubbing hands together while letting out an evil laugh) all the fun we will have.

February Challenge:
Thank you everyone that participated in the February Challenge.  I know we are gonna rock this month!  My month started off a little rough and I’ve already missed a day of working out.  I am on level 1 of Ripped in 30 and if you thought Jillian was a huge pain in the arse in 30 Day Shred, I can assure you that you will want to punch her in the throat.   It’s an awesome workout and I better be able to rock a sports bra and sporty-rolled down sweatpants by the end of this!  I am also getting creative with my workouts because I’m finding myself getting bored with just doing a video.  Monday, I realized right before dinner that I hadn’t worked out so I laid on the ground and did 25 sit-ups (harder than they look), 25 crunches and 25 leg raises on each leg.  I did this all in my knee boots and dress as we were about to head out to celebrate my nieces 15th birthday….at a chinese buffet.  Eff my life! 

I honestly didn’t do awful at the buffet and tried to stick with as healthy of choices as I could.  Beef n Broccoli, grilled chicken teriyaki, steamed rice, green bean stir fry stuff…..and one corn nugget.  I HAD to!  Corn nuggets are, by far, my favorite part of a Chinese buffet.  I’m a weirdo, but something about fried corn gives me a bit of a lady boner.  I…..LOVE….THEM!

I digress.

Today I needed to get some cleaning done so I used that as my workout.  When I was cleaning the toilets (gross) and the tubs, I would squat down to get the ol thunder thigh muscles working.  For my arm workouts, I decided to steam clean a couple of rooms.  That is a workout, fo sho!  That damn steam cleaning machine is H.E.A.V.Y!  All in a days work, my friends. 

It doesn’t matter what you do, just move.  You don’t have to sweat your face off to get a workout in.  Every little bit counts.  One day at a time. 

Teachin ya stuff:
I’ve had several people ask how they can follow my blog so I thought I’d show you today. 
1.        Subscribe by email.  This is found at the very bottom of my webpage.  Just input your email address and hit submit.  You will then have to enter one of those verification codes that I can never read.  That sends an email to you and you just click on a link to finish up the verification.

How do I follow blogs?

There are several ways to follow a blog. One of the easiest ways is to visit a blog that has added the Following widget and click on the "Join this site" button under the "Followers" widget:
After you sign in with your Google Account (or another account if you so choose), you'll then see a popup window with the options to either follow publicly or privately.
Select how you'd like to follow the blog, then click the "Follow this blog" button. If you elected to follow the blog publicly, your profile picture will be displayed on the blog with a link to your Blogger profile or Google+ profile (if you've opted to link your blog to your Google+ profile). When you become a follower of a blog, the blog will also be added to your Reading List on your Blogger dashboard. You can become a follower of any blog or URL (even if the blog doesn't have the Followers widget) by adding the blog to your Reading List on the dashboard.

Please choose the option that best fits your preference.  I personally prefer to follow sites by email so that I get notification when a new post is up but I also ‘join the site’ so that the blogger can see how many people follow them.

Once I get to 100 site followers, I will be hosting my first ever give-away!  I already have something in the works and can’t wait to share it with you!!!  Please join my site and share it with your friends!

Fluffy in Frisco is currently getting a makeover and a new site will be up in the next few weeks.  I am BEYOND excited to change the look of the site as it currently looks dreary and a little too ‘funeral program-ish’ for my liking. 

Good things are happening!!!!

Stay Awesome,
Fluffy in Frisco

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  1. Hi Fluffy,
    I began following you yesterday after the Mahan Migration informed me of your awesome personality :) Such a coincidence because I also posted on my blog today about "following". Trying to get my mom and dad and rest of my family into the "easy way to follow"... although I just learned the easy way myself.
    Keep up the great work with just moving!