Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So Fresh and So Clean Clean

If you would've asked me two years ago if I would ever eat clean, I would say, "What the hell is that???  Does that mean you cook your lasagna in the dishwasher?!?!?"

As part of my 24 Day Challenge efforts, I decided that the Fluff family would eat clean.  I picked up an issue of Clean Eating Magazine to get started.  I am IN LOVE with that magazine.  The most valuable part of the magazine is the two week menu plan and grocery list that it provides.  Pretty much everything on the menu has been quite delicious.  There is a huge difference in fresh fruits, veggies and organic meat.  Definitely worth the money in my book!  We definitely don't eat clean all the time and I'm certain that even when we ARE eating clean that we're doing something wrong. But we're giving it a try and that's all you can ask, right?

I've even started Fluffette on the whole eating clean phenomenon.  I always struggled with my weight as a child so if there's anything I can do to save Fluffette from experiencing that, I'm doing it.  I'm the one that buys groceries so really it's up to me to teach her the way.  Now, I'm not one of those parents that doesn't want to feed their child cake for their first birthday.

**cough, cough......A Yogi.....cough, cough**  I will NEVER stop giving you a hard time about that.

You know the kids that never drank in High School, then went off to college and became massive alcoholics??  Depriving your child of food will cause the same thing.  I don't want Fluffette going off to college saying, "oh snap....Funyuns" and gaining the Freshman 400.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would like to publicly apologize to all the people I've ever given a hard time about eating clean or organically.  You were just sittin there, being all skinny, while I was just bein all fat and judgy.  You win.

Two of my new favorite things are Almond Butter and Sprouted Grain Bread.

I tried this in Starbucks' Protein Bistro Box.  

This is my favorite.  I tried it as a free sample at Costco.  It is MUCH  cheaper there than at Target. 

I found this at Costco.  It freezes wonderfully. 

Get in the Zone....Auto Zone

I finally finished my 24 Day Challenge.  Thank you baby Jesus.  That was the longest 24 days of my life.  I WOULD tell you to find a 24 day block that you have zero plans but that's just unreasonable.  We all have a happy hour, kids birthday party...or wine wednesday that we just can't give up.  If you decide to do this challenge from Advocare, I would just say to get your head in the right place and do the best you can.  Even if you cheat every now and then, you will still see results.  My major con with this product is that is has an almost $200 price tag.  A little rich for my blood.  I would advise that you sweet talk your spouse (like I did) or a parent...or even a total stranger to buy this for you.

And the results are in.....

Date: March 26, 2013
Weight: 172.2
Chest: 38
Arm: 12.25
Waist: 32
Hips: 41
Thigh: 25.5
Calf: 16

Date: April 24, 2013
Weight: 171.2 (down 1 pound)
Chest: 35.5 (down 2.5 inches)
Arm: 12 (down .25)
Waist: 30.5 (down 1.5 inches)
Hips: 40.5 (down .5)
Thigh: 23.5 (down 2 inches)
Calf: 16 (remained the same)

That's an overall loss of 6.75 inches and one pound lost. I'm much closer to my goal weight so I am completely ok with losing inches, not pounds.  Time to tone this shyt up, yo.

This cleanse even gave me the confidence to buy a new swimsuit.  I have ZERO business wearing a bikini.  There's pretty much never been a time in my life when I looked ok in one but I've made my fair share of public appearances sans bikini.

For my after pics, I decided to share my swimsuit pics with you.  Disclaimer:  I have a gimp hand so I couldn't get it tied very well.  The top part is all caddy-wonkered so just use your imagination.  I am not ballsy enough to show you my baby makin hips in the buff so I tied a scarf around my waist. Get over it.

I don't love the way I look and I never will.  However, for the first time in a long.....I don't HATE it either.  I am starting to see definition in my back and shoulders.  I'll take it!

I'll leave you today with a picture of me before and after my very first airbrush tan today.  I am now addicted!


Right after.  It continues to get darker throughout the day.

Just sittin here......bein all tan and shyt.

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