Thursday, April 11, 2013

Road Trip: Fluffy Edition

Fluffette and I are having a tough time this week gettin' back in the swing of things.  We travelled over 850 miles last week and we are TIRED!  Fluffette is teething right now and has been waking up every few hours at night and screaming her face off.  I know you’re not supposed to wish away time, but last night I would’ve given anything to make Fluffette older so she could tell me what was wrong and how I could fix it.  Seeing your leetle baby screaming and crying their face off is pretty much the worst thing ever.  Thankfully, she was able to console herself by hitting me in the face with a wall decoration.  It wasn’t pleasant but she was happy, dammit and I wasn’t gonna eff that up at 1am! 

Last Tuesday we set out for Gigi’s house in Texas City, TX.  My grandparents have lived there for like 150 years.  They prolly paid like $1000 for the house.  Back when you could go to the movies for a nickel and when you had to walk two miles in the snow to school each day…uphill both ways. 
My cousins were in town from Virginia so we wanted to let our kids play.  We were there for less than 24 hours but Fluffette got to eat Gigi’s sugar cookies so it was definitely worth it!

Wednesday through Saturday we stayed in Austin with ‘’A Yogi in Austin” but still managed to drive a shyt ton each day.  These girls don't know it yet but they WILL be best friends.  Fluffette ate all of Yogette's food scraps off the floor so that pretty much means they've always got each other's back, right?!?!?!

Thursday we got up at 6 am to get ready to head to Round Top Antiques Week by 7am.  We finally left the house around 8.  Getting two kids and two adults WOMEN ready in the morning is no easy task. 
Once we got to Round Top it was sooooooooooooooo cold…well…cold for Texas.  We bundled up our babies, got out our carts, strollers, coolers, diaper bags, and pretty much anything else we could find and set out to spend some money.  First stop was at the food truck for Hot Chocolate and Coffee.  We didn’t really think ahead on this one and attempted to pull a cart, while pushing a stroller, while drinking a hot drink with our other hand….on uneven terrain.  People stared.  People judged.  We just kept on being awesome whilst showing off our mad skillz! 
Since I’m a stalker through and through, I forced A Yogi, Yogette and Fluffette to trek through until we found the Junk Gypsy tent.  Once we finally got there, I was a little disappointed.  They had very little ‘junk’ and a whole lotta merchandise.  I guess you can do that once you’ve made it big!
Jolie Sikes-Smith was working the tent!!!!!!  We both asked her to hold our babies for pictures and she obliged!  She’s even more beautiful in person which is super annoying.  My whole “everyone on tv has been massively airbrushed” theory has been proven wrong. 

This was pretty much the best day of Fluffette’s life.  Well….other than the day she met me.  Hair Flip. 
After I got my stalking over with, it was time to eat.  Shocker.  We headed back down the road with our carts and strollers in tow and found an indoor restaurant to feed our bebes.  After we ate, I started feeling bad for not buying at least a Junk Gypsy coffee mug!  So, Fluffette and I headed back to the tent for a follow-up stalking adventure.  I ended up buying us each a t-shirt…and a coffee mug…..and a hot pink plastic cup that Fluffette grabbed off the shelf.  She was so cute holding that pink cup and pretending to drink it.  Well, until she vomited in it and slung it around.  Parenting is never a dull moment!

A Yogi didn’t buy ONE DAMN THING and I only spent like $125.  It was still a great time and I got to introduce A Yogi to the world of Cheese Curds.  They sound nasty but it’s just fried cheese and you all know my obsession with fried cheese! 
Friday we headed to Wimberley for lunch and shopping.  We tried on vintage hats and then managed to take our shirts off to try on tops at a Patio Sale at a boutique….at the corner of a busy street.  Keepin it Klassy as always!

Then Saturday came, the main reason for our trip.  Yogette was turning ONE!  I still can’t believe she’s already ONE!  Yogette had a fairly tough entrance in to the world and I am so so proud of the little lady she has become!  She’s a fighter, dammit…just like her mommy!
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOGETTE!  Aunt Fluffy hearts you. 
High Five, Bish!

We didn't earn any money but what we lack in sales, we make  up in overall awesomeness!

After celebrating Yogette’s First Birthday, we headed to Hippie in Hutto’s house to feed Fluffette dinner before we got on the road.  I had it in my mind that if I fed her dinner, then drove home that she would sleep the whole way then easily go down in her crib for the night.  That’s not at all how it went.  She DID sleep the whole way home but once we got here, she wanted to play with EVERY.SINGLE.TOY she owns.  She finally went to sleep again at 11:30…and we’ve struggled ever since!
An update on my Cleanse will be posted next week.  GET EXCITED!!!!

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