Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cabo San Fluffy

Less then 2 minutes.  We missed our flight check in by less than 2 minutes.  As I've stated before, I am deathly afraid of flying and take multiple Xanax to make it through.  If it were up to me, we would camp out at the airport DAYS before our flight to make sure everything goes smoothly.  My version of the story would  completely blame Mr. Fluff for us being late but the reality of it is that A. we packed every summery item we have in our house so when we weighed our baggage at home it was too heavy so we had to shuffle crap around last minute and B. I didn't get my passport amended so it still had my maiden name on it.  Because of this, we couldn't check ourselves in.  Instead, we had to walk 14 miles, in the snow, uphill to the American Airlines desk so that we could be checked in manually.

We now had 3 hours to kill in the airport.  After we had some breakfast, we did what any true American would do.....we started to drink.

Once we finally arrived in Cabo, we realized we forgot to arrange transportation to the Hotel.  We ended up on a 10 person bus with 12 people....and a 3 year old.  She was screaming her face off the entire trip.  It was sad and cute at first then I wanted to throw her out the window another beer and a shot of tequila.  When we stepped off the bus at our hotel, I could feel it.  FREEDOM!!!!!

And then we realized one of our bags was missing.  Are you effing kidding me?????  Luckily, they called and it was at one of the other hotels.  It arrived safely over an hour later.

Even with our rough start to the trip, it was absolutely amazing.  I would venture to say that it's the best trip that Mr. Fluff and I have ever gone on together.  No work emails.   No Facebook.  No Candy Crush.  No pooping and screaming kids.  Just the sound of the waves crashing on the ocean and the blender making us another Pina Colada or Miami Vice.

Horseback riding on the beach...with a beer.....in a skirt.  #keepinitclassy

Our view for breakfast in our room

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Yes, I chose to share a picture with me holding a bigger fish than Mr. Fluff

We caught over 15 fish...and a pelican.  These fellas had a full on boner!   They were so excited.  The day before they only caught 1 Mahi Mahi.  

They took some of our fish to their restaurant and made us Ceviche and Sashimi with the fish we caught that morning.  

Then grilled and blackened.  It was amazing!

Walk on the beach.  That's our hotel in the background.  

By the last day, I was ballsy enough to wear a bikini.  Yes I'm sucking it.  Mr. Fluff said I look like I have 4  boobs because my ribs were sticking out.  (my ribs haven't been the same since birthing Fluffette)

Infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

Did NOT want me to take his picture. 

This is some sort of Mexican cucumber....or a Sea Cucumber.....or some slimy azz  thing that they guide made me hold.  

Leaving the hotel on the last day.  We stayed at Secrets Marquis and will definitely go back!

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