Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Out With The Old, In With The New.....Memories

Remember when hot summer days used to be filled with patio drinking and pool parties?  When you could get shyt-faced by 2pm but it was ok because you could just pass out on a pool float?

Yeah, those days are over.

Now, you have a one year old daughter that tries to walk right in to the pool the SECOND she hears you pop a top on a beer. She tries to climb the stairs when you just want to set her down so you can eat some delicious tamales and fajitas.  Then she tries to use the wooden toy to break a window in your friends mother in law's house.

Now, you try to put her down in the upstairs bedroom of a pool party because only then can you truly enjoy your adult beverage and do your best to catch a small buzz.  At that moment you catch a glimpse of your old life when your friend uses the words "fishing and anal" in the same sentence.  You belly laugh and drink more beer.  Ah yes....the good ol' days.

I'm not one of those cool moms that can drink while chasing a small child.  I'm pretty much a lightweight and just don't trust my own judgment when I've been drinking.  "yes, Fluffette, you sure can play with that's some scissors go run around the backyard".

I know....I know....I sound like an ungrateful mother.  Sometimes I probably am.  That's life.  I think most moms, at some point, miss a bit of their old carefree life.  BUT, those old memories slowly but surely get replaced by new memories....

Fluffette's First Carousel Ride with her Mia

"Can I go again?"

"Seriously....give me a damn token"

A girl and her puffs

Fluffette's First Firework Show

Her A.D.D. sunk in shortly after this picture

Just chillin with all the balls from the ball pit.  Epic fail.  #ipromiseshe'snottryingtogagherself

First time at the splash park.  We were NOT prepared so played with our clothes on. #KeepinItKlassy  

I'm pretty sure she's sitting on the jet.  They learn young these days....YOUNG I tell ya!

And, I promise you this....the smile on Fluffette's face for each and every First is far better than ANY cherry vodka sour I've ever tasted except for the ones I had at Martini Park that ONE time I had to be carried out.

Dumpster Darlins Designs is in FULL effect!  Don't worry, I'll beg force you to like my facebook page once I get it set up.  I did a little dumpster divin this week.  DOLLA MAKES ME HOLLA!!

You can't beat free CAN'T.BEAT.FREE!

Don't worry....I'm up to date on all my shots.  (A Yogi....are you done vomitting and covering yourself in hand sanitizer yet?  hehe)

I'm only one bajillion dollars away from my ultimate goal of bajillion dollars.  #dreambig

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