Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tis the season to get fat and be jolly

Christmas is upon us and is by far my favorite time of year.  This will be Fluffette’s first Christmas so I have very high expectations and hope to make it a memorable one for her even though she’s only 6 months old and won’t remember a damn thing.  I can’t wait to force her to be as psychotic about this time of year as I am.  I look forward to years and years worth of wonderful Holiday traditions such as Mother/Daughter /Mia (grandma) Christmas Baking.  We had our very first one a couple of weeks ago.  Fluffette wasn’t much help at all but I certainly enjoyed watching her in the jumper staring at our Christmas tree and beating the crap out of the poor red bird that never saw her coming!
We cooked for most of the day and made eight different treats.  The plan was to put the goodies in cute little bags and decorative boxes and hand them out to friends and family.  Well….the plan failed.  I did manage to give away a small portion of them but most of them ended up in my belly….and I don’t regret it for one second!  I’ve worked hard the last few months and if I want to eat my weight in cinnamon pretzels then, by golly, I will!
Today was round two of our mother/daughter/Mia cooking extravaganza.  To keep myself  from eating it all, we immediately packaged everything and put it under the tree so I could forget about it.  I only saved two small goodie bags for Mr. Fluff so I wouldn’t be tempted. 
I am too tired from all the cooking today to share all eight recipes so I will share my top three faves.  I urge you to try each and every one of these recipes so you can sabotage your weight loss efforts JUST LIKE ME!    To further evidence my inability to say no to fatness, I got eliminated from a contest Week 2.  (patting self on back).  All I had to do was lose weight or maintain my weight from last week.  I weighed SEVERAL different times to make sure I could send in the lowest weight and I still managed to gain .8 pounds.  I blame Christmas. (rolling eyes)
**Please note that all pictures used are from the websites that I obtained the recipes from.  These are not my pictures or recipes so please don’t sue me.  Thanks. 
1.        White Chocolate Cinnamon Pretzels.  These are my absolute favorite, fo sho.  These are delicious without the white chocolate but who the hell wants to save themselves the calories? 

2.        Christmas Crunch.  The first time we made this I couldn’t find the Vanilla Candy Melts so I used almond bark instead.  WAY.TOO.SWEET!  Today we used the candy melts and it was amazing. 

3.       Mini Muffin Cookies.  I really liked these because there are SO many varieties you can use.  I did peanut butter cookies with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and sugar cookies with Kisses.  This is also pretty much the easiest dessert a girl could ask for so even YOU won’t eff it up.  Nevermind, I take that back.  The first batch, I didn’t put enough cookie dough in the pan, then pushed the Reese’s down too far so when I picked up the cookie the Reese’s fell out the bottom.  Don’t worry, I still ate them.  Just be mindful of how hard you’re pushing (twss). 

To make myself feel like less of a fat azz, I will end this post on a healthy note. 
In true stalker fashion I not only went to Mama Laughlin’s hair hooker, bought Bic Bands because she said she liked them, started following her on Instagram, Facebook and her blog,  but I also made her recipe for Skinny Dorito Taco Bake.  It actually turned out pretty awesome and will go on the ol’ recipe rotation!  It's a "eat in one sitting" type of recipe because the chips get soggy the next day.  (i just scraped them off for lunch today because I have issues with wasting food)I’m not asking you to stalk her like I do (waiting for the restraining order), I’m just asking you to try this super easy and yummy recipe. 
Merry Christmas to all my three readers!!!
Fluffy in Frisco

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