Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fluffette's First Christmas....and other randomness

I'm gonna briefly talk about a couple of "high points" of the last few days then end with a nice little picture show of Fluffette's first Christmas.

Gone Shreddin:  Friday was the official first day of our Christmas break.  Well, I stay at home so I'm always on break but it was the first day of Mr. Fluff's break.  I managed to talk him in to doing the 30 Day Shred with me and even bought him his very own set of weights.  As I started the video he was flailing about with weights in hand and was ready to WORK.  As we did our first set of jumping jacks in the warm up, under his breath he said, "my balls are jiggling".  I.LOST.IT and struggled getting it back together.  As I was trying to do a walking pushup, I started laughing.  Then again while we did more jumping jacks.  Then again while we did a double jump rope.  Needless to say, it wasn't my best workout as I'm not mature enough to NOT giggle like a school girl when my husband talks about jiggly balls.  We haven't done the workout since. 

BoBo: On Saturday, we found out that my BFF, Hippy in Hutto, is expecting a leetle boy.  I won't tell you his name to protect the innocent but I will say that Mr. Fluff and I decided that his nickname needs to be BoBo.  Where did we come up with that?  Well, Mr. Fluff makes me watch Finding Bigfoot aka The Dumbest Show Ever.  One of the peeps on that show is extremely tall and always wears a trucker hat that says "Gone Squatchin' ".  His name is BoBo.  And a nickname is born... I'm soooo excited to meet BoBo and an arranged marriage between BoBo and Fluffette is already in the works. 

Sharp Objects:  On Tuesday, the Fluffs set out to go shopping.  We went to Academy and I purchased some fancy ear bud thingys that go around the ear.  I have funky shaped ears apparently and ear buds immediately fall out.  Anywho, in the car on the way to our next stop, Mr. Fluff thought I should open my new earphones and try them out.  The package was apparently superglued so Mr. Fluff suggested I get the pocket knife out of the console.  I think we all know how this ended.  I'm a tad on the clumsy side so using a knife in a moving vehicle wasn't really in my best interest.  As you already guessed, I cut off a chunk of my thumb.  As luck would have it, there wasn't one damn napkin or tissue in that vehicle so I used my grocery list to wrap around it......seems sanitary.  The good news is that I survived, the bad news is that it's super duper hard to scroll through Pinterest on my phone with a gimp thumb.  Deep sigh. 

Now, on to the good stuff...Fluffette's First Christmas.  You know how pretty much every Christmas movie on Lifetime, Hallmark and the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family ends with a magical scene filled with Christmas music, laughter and happines?  Oh, you don't watch Christmas movies daily beginning the day after Thanksgiving?  Yeah, neither.  Well, if I DID watch all those movies including A Smoky Mountain Christmas with Dolly Parton, I would guess that's how they end.  And that's exactly how the last week has felt for me.....magical and Christmas movie worthy.

Rather than recap the last week with words, I decided to bore you with share some pictures of the most magical moments.  It was such an amazing Christmas and I am truly blessed. 

Opening her first gift.

Me teasing her with wrapping paper. (mother of the year)
Tired from all the gift opening and Dada stole her Pillow Pet.

"Step up off my Pillow Pet dernit"

Chillin in her new leather recliner....and rockin her fancy schmancy bib that Mia made for her. 

I have the cutest baby in the World.  Yes, she's cuter than your kid, I'm so sorry you had to find out like this. 

Never too young to start plankin'.  She has good form thanks to me.  Hair Flip.

"Are you gonna fix my headband or just take 50 pictures of the exact same damn pose?!?!?!?"

Christmas Eve in our footed jam jams. 

She was spitting up but I didn't want to miss these facial expressions. 

"Ima hit you with this later"

Concentrating on her new toys.
When Fluffette gets sleepy she likes to play with Dada's beard.  (heart melts)

Childcare at it's finest. 

Fluffette's new Pony.  (what do you mean she's spoiled??)

The Fluffs.  (in black and white to make us look like one of the families used in the picture frame when you buy it)

I live in the Dallas, TX area and we NEVER get snow.  My lady boner was in full effect that Fluffette's first Christmas was a white one!!!!!

Probably shouldn't put "lady boner" and "Christmas" in the same sentence but I'm super rebellious like that.

Stay Awesome,
Fluffy in Frisco

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